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Okay why was this uploaded as a movie? It's hard as balls to properly rate something if you can't go back and keep listening to certain things that you'd like to hear again. The win on this battle goes to the first person who uploads this as an audio submission.

RRStudios responds:

It gets uploaded both to the Audio Portal, and the Flash Portal, as it is a lyric-video. What's with all the random hate just because of a lyric video? I'm not sure I can possibly comprehend what the problem is other than just anal hate.

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Why is six afraid of seven? It wasn't. Numbers are not sentient and thus incapable of feeling fear.

Just like you're incapable of putting up a whack song on here. Although you should definitely continue to do it for the money and fame. My groupies are all that keep me going.

Teqneek responds:

Whatever dawg- my track 'Lotion And Doo-Doo' won a whole dang contest for being wack!

I really don't get the voters, it's like nobody here EVER cares about content. I don't care about battles much anymore but I decided to check this one out, and Willizard COMPLETELY decimated his opponent. Sure suddle has a sweet flow, but the difference in content is night and day.

Suddle did the typical "you're gay" stuff at the beginning and basically said nothing new at all, and then Willizard called him out on it, basically making suddle's first verse completely worthless. Then what does suddle do? The same thing yet again. Willizard then has a technically better rebuttal, and again completely calls him out on all the bullshit he did.

This battle isn't even half close, Willizard wins.

I don't even want to think about battles anymore, but I better comment on this one.

I'm biased since WarSpawn threw in unnecessary crap that I hate, like talking about smoking bowls and running through his whole crew (what crew?). And then if he's LARPING he'll be more real than you (okay I guess not terrible), with more skill than you, and more ill than you (what?).

Then Teq goes in (btw his first verse was aural sex), and it's not like everything was absolutely specific, but it was all directed and made complete sense

Warspawn comes back in and says Teq's filler was truly amazing? I don't get it, is he talking about his own filler? Were we even listening to the same lines? I seriously have to wonder because he talks about Teq being jealous that he can say n****r? Lolwut?

Teqneek took this battle without any sort of a question. Even disregarding the content (which goes to Teq), the mic presence goes to Teqneek by far. Everytime Teq comes on it's like "hell yeah this track kicks ass!" and when WarSpawn is on it's not as fun to listen to, his flow just isn't smooth enough to work on this track.

HDC responds:

WS -1 Teq -1

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