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Growing Impatient Growing Impatient

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why is six afraid of seven? It wasn't. Numbers are not sentient and thus incapable of feeling fear.

Just like you're incapable of putting up a whack song on here. Although you should definitely continue to do it for the money and fame. My groupies are all that keep me going.

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Teqneek responds:

Whatever dawg- my track 'Lotion And Doo-Doo' won a whole dang contest for being wack!

CLAB - suddle vs Willizard CLAB - suddle vs Willizard

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I really don't get the voters, it's like nobody here EVER cares about content. I don't care about battles much anymore but I decided to check this one out, and Willizard COMPLETELY decimated his opponent. Sure suddle has a sweet flow, but the difference in content is night and day.

Suddle did the typical "you're gay" stuff at the beginning and basically said nothing new at all, and then Willizard called him out on it, basically making suddle's first verse completely worthless. Then what does suddle do? The same thing yet again. Willizard then has a technically better rebuttal, and again completely calls him out on all the bullshit he did.

This battle isn't even half close, Willizard wins.

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Clab- Butsaay vs Prome Clab- Butsaay vs Prome

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I don't know what the hell I just listened to. Prometheus clearly shouldn't have even been allowed in this competition, Butsaay owned him completely. I'm still wondering if Prome was trolling or not, because it seems like he was just parodying Lil Wayne or something.

I don't like to vote on battles anymore where I've done a collabo with at least one of the people, but in this case I'll make an exception. Butsaay gets my vote, no question.

Prometheus was also loud as fuck compared to the beat, this should never have even been allowed to be posted.

HDC: Teqneek vs WarSpawn HDC: Teqneek vs WarSpawn

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't even want to think about battles anymore, but I better comment on this one.

I'm biased since WarSpawn threw in unnecessary crap that I hate, like talking about smoking bowls and running through his whole crew (what crew?). And then if he's LARPING he'll be more real than you (okay I guess not terrible), with more skill than you, and more ill than you (what?).

Then Teq goes in (btw his first verse was aural sex), and it's not like everything was absolutely specific, but it was all directed and made complete sense

Warspawn comes back in and says Teq's filler was truly amazing? I don't get it, is he talking about his own filler? Were we even listening to the same lines? I seriously have to wonder because he talks about Teq being jealous that he can say n****r? Lolwut?

Teqneek took this battle without any sort of a question. Even disregarding the content (which goes to Teq), the mic presence goes to Teqneek by far. Everytime Teq comes on it's like "hell yeah this track kicks ass!" and when WarSpawn is on it's not as fun to listen to, his flow just isn't smooth enough to work on this track.

HDC responds:

WS -1 Teq -1

The Republic of Rhyme The Republic of Rhyme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This beat kicks ass, and that chorus is fresh as fuck. I'm talking about an in-the-shower fuck, not some grimy ten-days-in-the-woods-without-a-showe r fuck.

Also, Flobama's mention of Taco Bell is making me really crave it. I'm about to go drive drunk* to get some.

*Relax guys I'm just kidding. I would never drive drunk. I wait until I'm wasted first.

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Teqneek responds:

I went to Taco Bell last night and got 3 chicken burritos. I also got the soggiest fucking taco ever but I ate that shit like a G should.

DTT - EJ Spark Sucks DTT - EJ Spark Sucks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I listened to this and EJ's hype track, and I have to say that Fat Beats came much harder and more specific. EJ has passion on his hype track, but it sounds like he's a mile away from it, and it just isn't that specific. Fat Beats to advance IMO.

RRStudios responds:

Fat Beats: 1
EJ Spark: 0

wining beat of dud train wining beat of dud train

Rated 5 / 5 stars

How much to buy this shit off you? I'm thinking about using it for my album. I want EXCLUSIVE rights to this son. I don't need bitches jackin' the beats that I'm using. This is a million dollar single, just you wait.

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MilkDudisaBEAST responds:

I will sell yuo this for 5 milion dollars. but you dont have 5 milion dollars cuz your a poor! hahahahaha milk dud is rich im rich alredy so i dont want no less than 5 milion dollars that gose for evryone! send me all your money and ill fart on your head and take your money hahahaha DUD TRAIN.

MadFleX vs Teqneek MadFleX vs Teqneek

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a serious fucking battle. With this format, there is GONNA be some filler on both sides. All the 32/32 battles had it, really you'd have to be terrible at writing concise lyrics, or just have more ammo than Schwarzenegger in order to fill up that much with constant specifics. That said, both Mad and Teq were as specific as can be expected, and both of them came to THIS battle. So really complaining that only one side had filler in this battle and using that as a reason to vote is pretty ridiculous. Learn to listen.

MadFlex is great, denying that leaves your sanity in question. He came with some tight lyrics that would knock out most emcees here. The problem is, I think he wrote his verse to someone who lost to PigPen, and not to someone who had a serious chance to win it all. Mad wrote a lot of his verse making 'clever' Teq-related rhymes that a million other people haven't already done before. This is a cool thing to do if used as a spice, but as the main ingredient it left a bad taste in my mouth. Also saying things about plagiarizing, I've listened to quite a bit of Immortal Technique, but I don't see a lot of similarities. Unless MadFlex just means with the name, in which case that's pretty weak.

Teqneek comes in and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I've never heard him spit a bad verse, but he obviously doesn't have the battle-experience that MadFlex has, and it's hard to know what he might attack. He does a good job ragging on Mad's lack of presence in the competition (even though for a legit reason, this is to be expected). Basically I think Teq did as good of a job ragging on MadFlex as Mad did ragging on Teq.

This is one of those REALLY rare instances where the content is good enough on both sides that I have to resort to flow and rhyme scheme to make my decision. They both flowed quite well, but Mad didn't have the smoothness that he's exhibited in the past.

The decision-maker for me was when Teqneek started in with "I'll smack you back ..." That was so fucking hard-hitting and dope that I can't stop listening to it.

This battle was really close, but I have to give it to Teqneek by a dick-length... I have an extremely miniscule penis :(

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AKACCMIOF responds:

Thanks for the breakdown! Long live small penises.

CLAB - Wyze vs B Serious CLAB - Wyze vs B Serious

Rated 4 / 5 stars

B Serious had his vocals WAY too loud, and then Wyze had his slightly lower than they should have been. This combination may have a bunch of people giving B Serious the win based on human perception/hearing liking louder sounds better than quieter ones. Also what the fuck was that ridiculous cut at the end?

Anyway, Wyze definitely gets it with the personals on this one. Some people don't seem to understand that punches are WAY more important than flow (as long as you're at least mostly on beat). Flow definitely becomes important in those close battles where both emcees are personal as fuck, then is when it will give you the edge. Content is always the most important element though, and Wyze wins in that respect.

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CLAB - Jakobe vs Senator CLAB - Jakobe vs Senator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a very interesting battle. Jakobe comes hard, but SJD comes right back with tons of passion and great delivery. Also goes to show that nobody can ever rap fast on NG without being called out on it for "being off beat" or whatever. No matter how good and on beat they are with it.

Anyway, my non-counting vote goes to BigRed. Sorry you had to take that beating at the end dude, it's unfair that you couldn't defend yourself against it, so you should advance.

Also I'm pretty curious as to the mic Jakobe actually has.

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